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Police identify woman struck, killed by garbage truck on Davis Islands

TAMPA — A woman was struck and killed by a city garbage truck Tuesday morning on Davis Islands, Tampa police said.

Police received a call at 9:14 a.m. about the accident on Davis Boulevard near Aegean Drive, on the north side of Davis Islands near Seaborn Day School.

The victim was Marcia Rivers, 65, who lived just a few hundred feet up the road from the crash.

She was pronounced dead at the scene, said police spokesman Eddy Durkin.

Davis Boulevard was cordoned off and traffic diverted, as authorities investigated.

Police said Jarvis Mercer, 49, of Brandon, was driving the solid waste vehicle at the time of the accident. Durkin said he thought that only one person was in the vehicle at the time.

Rivers lived on the second floor of a small green apartment building just a minute's walk away from where she was struck.

Karen Kral lived downstairs. Both were retired teachers, Kral said. Rivers had moved into the apartment building a little over two years ago. Kral said Rivers walked a lot, often in the morning because it was cooler then.

The last time Kral saw her neighbor was a couple weeks ago before Kral left for vacation. Rivers, who Kral described as friendly and outgoing, was planning a small wine-and-cheese get together to welcome a new tenant to the building.

On Rivers' door hangs a festive nautical wreath, with the phrase "no trespassing, only pirates allowed" and the toothy face of a pirate carved in a coconut. In front of the door sits a flowery welcome mat.

Rivers' death was a surprise to Kral.

"It's a shock," Kral said