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Worse than Columbine: Parkland school shooting one of the deadliest in U.S. history

Broward County entered a grim, horrifying roster on Wednesday after the Sheriff's Office reported 17 people had been killed by a single shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

With that many people dead, the Stoneman Douglas shooting would be the deadliest for any high school in the United States, surpassing the 13 victims killed at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., on April 20, 1999. The death toll from Columbine rose to 15 after the two shooters, both Columbine students, killed themselves.

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The rankings culled by news organizations over the years list the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech as the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. Thirty-two people were killed by a student at the Blacksburg, Va., university. He also killed himself.

In 2012, 26 victims died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. A former student was the shooter, and he killed himself.

Assuming the death count reported by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel remains at 17, the Stoneman Douglas shooting would land third on the list of the nation's deadliest school shootings.

Fourth on the list would be the 1966 shooting at the University of Texas Tower in Austin, when a student there killed 14 people before being killed by police. Columbine, while the deadliest shooting at a high school before Wednesday, would be the fifth on the list of all U.S. school shootings.

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e_SBlt Jan. 23, 2018: Two students were killed and 14 wounded by gunfire when a student opened fire before classes began at Marshall County High School in west Kentucky, authorities said. A grand jury is meeting to consider charging the 15-year-old boy as an adult.

Dec. 7, 2017: Two students at Aztec High School in New Mexico were killed by a gunman disguised as a student. Police said the shooter later killed himself.

Sept. 13, 2017: A 15-year-old boy was killed at Freeman High School in Rockford, Wash., and three female students were wounded when authorities say another 15-year-old boy opened fire with a handgun. A suspect was arrested.

April 10, 2017: A gunman opened fire in the special education classroom of his estranged wife at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, Calif., killing her and an 8-year-old boy, and wounding another child. The gunman then fatally shot himself.

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e_SBlt Sept. 28, 2016: A 6-year-old boy was fatally shot on the playground of Townville Elementary School in South Carolina by a 14-year-old boy who had just killed his father, authorities said. Another child and a teacher were struck by bullets but survived. The teen was charged with murder.e_SClB• Sept 8, 2016: A 14-year-old girl died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after shooting and wounding another female student at Alpine High School in West Texas.

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e_SBlt Dec. 14, 2012. A 20-year-old gunman killed 20 first-grade children and six educators inside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and then killed himself. He also fatally shot his mother before entering the school.

Feb. 27, 2012: Three students were killed and two wounded in a shooting that started in a school cafeteria in Chardon, Ohio, as students waited for buses to other schools. Police charged a suspect, 17 at the time, as an adult.e_SClB• April 16, 2007: Seung-Hui Cho, 23, fatally shot 32 people in a dorm and a classroom at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, and then killed himself.

April 20, 1999: Students Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, opened fire at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, killing 12 classmates and a teacher and wounding 26 others before killing themselves in the school's library.

Dec. 1, 1997: Three students were killed and five wounded at a high school in West Paducah, Ky. Michael Carneal, then 14, later pleaded guilty but mentally ill to murder and is serving life in prison.