Daughter accused in fatal beating of 85-year-old mother who didn't include her in will

Gabriela Perero. [Broward County Sheriff's Office]
Gabriela Perero. [Broward County Sheriff's Office]
Published July 17, 2018

Saying she was angry about being left without an inheritance, a Fort Lauderdale woman fatally beat her 85-year-old mother, police say.

Gabriela Perero, 53, is facing charges of premeditated murder and aggravated battery on a person 65 years of age or older, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Police say Perero became enraged with her mother on July 12 after she found out her siblings would be receiving an inheritance from their mother, but not her.

"You destroyed my life, so I'm going to destroy you," Perero said to her mother, Luisa Perero, according to a detective.

Perero told police that she had been temporarily living with her mother in Fort Lauderdale when the incident occurred.

While describing the incident to a detective, Perero said she pushed her mother to the floor, grabbed her by the arms, "ripped her skin off" and grabbed the mother's neck with both of her hands, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

After the beating, Perero took her mother to a bathroom and washed the blood off her, put her in bed and called 911, police said. The mother would be taken to a hospital where she was declared dead. She, however, would regain a pulse again, but would eventually die from her injuries the next day.

Perero was denied bond at a court hearing Monday.