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Pasco deputies: Inmate offered neo-Nazi $9,000 to kill the family involved in his case

Billy Warren Pierce Jr., 44, faces a charge of solicitation to commit murder. That charge comes on top of the one that landed him in jail: one related to the sexual assault of a girl younger than 9. Courtesy Pasco County Sheriff's Office

LAND O' LAKES — The inmate drew up his plan: Kill the family of five involved in my sexual battery case, he told his fellow inmate — a neo-Nazi — and then you'll get $9,000.

The Aryan Brotherhood member turned him in.

That's how the Pasco County Sheriff's Office described what lead to the arrest Friday of Billy Warren Pierce Jr., 44, who faces a charge of solicitation to commit murder.

That charge comes on top of the one that landed him in jail, a 2017 charge of sexual assault of a juvenile. Deputies said the victim in this case is a 9-year-old girl.

Pierce knew his victim and her family well, according to the Sheriff's Office. Deputies said he told the would-be murderer who the girl lived with, what they looked like, where they worked and hung out, how to enter the house, what cars they drove and more.

He told the other inmate that family members never locked their garage door and that they had a gas line in the back of the house that could be broken, deputies said. He even described a dog door the other inmate could crawl through.

On Thursday, deputies said Pierce was caught on audio soliciting the other inmate and signing a contract.

The next day, a detective visited Pierce in jail and interviewed him.

When the detective told Pierce he was under arrest, deputies said, the man replied: "But I haven't paid him any money yet."