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Pasco deputies: Holiday man shot and killed his stepfather

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Published Aug. 2, 2013

HOLIDAY — A 20-year-old man shot and killed his stepfather Thursday evening, Pasco sheriff's officials said.

Dale Wildermuth, 49, died at the house where he lived with his stepson, Jason Chevere, at 5545 Mosaic Drive.

After the shooting, Chevere took off on foot with the gun, sheriff's spokeswoman Melanie Snow said.

The Sheriff's Office sent a helicopter and police dogs to the scene. Chevere returned to the house a short time later and was taken into custody, said Capt. Mel Eakley of the sheriff's criminal investigation division.

No motive was offered for the shooting, but Eakley said Chevere and Wildermuth had been arguing. He did not say where on his body Wildermuth was struck.

The body was still inside the beige home while the afternoon whiled away. A white van sat in the driveway, with a ski boat, Mitsubishi car and overturned red bicycle in the front yard.

Patrol cars filled Mosaic Drive. Deputies strung crime-scene tape from mailboxes to palm trees between stucco houses. Neighbors congregated in driveways.

Hours later, Chevere was driven away in an investigator's SUV to be interviewed by detectives. Authorities have a weapon that they think is the one used to kill Wildermuth.

There were two other residents in the house at the time who were also being interviewed.

Jail records show Chevere, who is from Philadelphia, was arrested in Pasco in 2011 on a charge of violating probation for not having a valid driver's license. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

At the scene, one woman sat in a patrol car's back seat sobbing. After filling out a written statement, a man, who would not speak with reporters, squatted in the front yard next door to the crime scene.

Neighbors said residents of the home kept mostly to themselves.