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Pasco DUI stop lands two brothers and a wife in jail

Published Nov. 22, 2012

PORT RICHEY – What started as a traffic stop early Tuesday ended with three people arrested, two charges of battery on deputies and one DUI charge.

Deputies stopped David Schumaker near Cochise Lane and Sandalwood Drive about 1:50 a.m., shortly after three Schumakers left Hurricanes Sports Bar, according to a Pasco County Sheriff's Office report. Deputies said the car was weaving. They called for backup.

David Schumaker, 47 was driving with a suspended license and was intoxicated, deputies said. They handcuffed him.

From inside the car came yelling. His sister-in-law, Kelli Schumaker, 45, tried to open the driver's side door of the Ford Mustang, but a deputy put his hand up and told her not to get out. "No," she told the deputy, according to the report, stepped out of the car and slapped his hand away.

The deputy "immediately grabbed the arrestee and guided her to the grass," the report said. While the deputy was handcuffing Kelli Schumaker, more sounds came from inside the car.

"Oh no you don't," Kelli Schumaker's husband, Donald Schumaker, 41, told deputies as he tried to get out, too, the report states. A deputy told him to stay in the car, the report states, but Donald Schumaker kicked the passenger door open, hitting the deputy's knees.

He was also taken to the ground and arrested.

Donald Schumaker was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. Kelli Schumaker received the same charge and another charge of resisting an officer without violence. Her blood-alcohol level was recorded at 0.326, the report states. David Schumaker was charged with driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

The Schumakers had all been released from Land O'Lakes jail by Wednesday.