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Police calls to Jill Kelley's mansion include sister's pornography, abuse and stalking claims

Published Nov. 14, 2012

TAMPA – Natalie Khawam called Tampa police regularly in the past three years to report domestic abuse, internet pornography and stalking while she was staying with her sister, Jill Kelley, at Kelley's Bayshore Boulevard mansion.

The details of the complaints were revealed in a number of documents released by Tampa police on Wednesday.

In June 2010, Khawam told police that she was "made to watch pornography by Grayson Wolfe," her Washington, D.C.-based husband from whom she was seeking divorce. "She believes that what she saw was the girls that were very young and some of the girls did not have breast tissue which makes her believe the girls were very young and not of age."

In June 2010, Khawam told police that a stranger had been at the residence numerous times, videotaping the home, pointing the camera through the windows and banging on the doors.

"The individual is one of two people who have been following her and coming to her residence and harassing her," the report states. Khawam "believes the subjects have been hired by her soon to be ex-husband to make third-party contact and harass her over their pending divorce."

A judge overseeing the couple's custody battle referred several times in a court document to many of Khawam's claims of domestic violence, saying they are "so patently incredible, and so obviously fabricated, that it raises serious concerns in the court's mind not only about Ms. Khawam's credibility as a witness, but also about what appears to be her fundamental lack of integrity."

"Ms Khawam appears to lack any appreciation or respect for the importance of honesty and integrity in her interactions with her family, employers, and others with whom she comes in contact," the judge wrote.

Jill Kelley, the woman who reportedly received threatening emails from CIA director David Petraeus' mistress, also complained to police that she was receiving threatening phone calls.

In August 2004, she told police that a man who had performed work on the Bayshore Boulevard property was harassing her for more money. Kelley, whose home is how in foreclosure, said the man was "threatening to harm the victim and her family and has made threats to do damage to her property."

When police called the contractor, he said the Kelleys owed him $1,300 and refused to pay. "He was insulted because you don't feel the work I done is worth paying for," the report states. The man volunteered to drop the claim and "move on."

Othe police calls to the house involved youths who were prowling in the area and burglaries involving the Kelleys' cars.