Police: Woman intentionally defecated in cruiser after arrest

Published April 30, 2015


Police: 18-year-old intentionally created 'biohazard waste' in cruiser after arrest

A woman pooped in the back of a police cruiser April 25, according to an arrest report.

Katelyn Patricia Felegi, 18, had previously been arrested after breaking into and damaging her ex-boyfriend's home, police said.

About 3:10 p.m., an officer wrote in the report, Felegi was in the back of a marked cruiser when she "intentionally removed her pants and defecated … thus creating biohazard waste."

Pinellas sheriff's deputies directed inmates at the jail to clean the car. The cruiser was out of commission for eight hours "for proper decontamination procedures," according to the report. All in all, the officer wrote, the act cost authorities about $100, including the charge for cleaning supplies and to have deputies oversee the inmates who cleaned the cruiser.

Felegi faces several charges including criminal mischief, burglary and simple domestic assault.


Woman accused of letting teen smoke spice

A 36-year-old woman is facing child abuse charges after she allowed a 15-year-old boy to smoke synthetic marijuana, or spice, with her, police said.

Valerie Sue Casto was arrested about 10:59 p.m. April 21. According to an arrest report, she was pulled over for a traffic violation and a police officer smelled marijuana in her car. Casto handed over a bag of spice, the officer wrote.

The boy, whose relationship to Casto was not clear in the report, had bloodshot eyes.

He told the officer he smoked the spice to get high, authorities said.


Man escaped handcuffs twice, says report

A 20-year-old man accused of disorderly conduct and violating his probation escaped handcuffs twice during his arrest April 25, according to an arrest report.

Miguel Alejandro Perez-Bencomo was found passed out in a vehicle with another man about 6:25 a.m. When authorities approached, police wrote, Perez-Bencomo screamed and cussed.

After officers took him into custody, Perez-Bencomo pulled the handcuffs to the front of his body and removed them twice, police wrote.

The officers eventually put plastic leg restraints on him and used a zip tie to connect the handcuffs to a belt loop.

Compiled by Zachary T. Sampson, Times staff writer