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Woman charged with aggravated assault after firing gun in Ridge Manor

RIDGE MANOR — A 59-year-old woman faces assault charges after she pointed a gun at a group of people during a fight, authorities say.

Tommie Cersosimo, of Old Town, was confronted by a next-door neighbor on the 34000 block of Sunridge Road about 5 p.m. Wednesday after Cersosimo and her sister drove across the man's yard, a Hernando Sheriff's Office report states. Cersosimo's other sister came out of the house and the group started arguing. Four other people came to the property line, and Cersosimo's sisters got into a fight with two women.

Witnesses said Cersosimo drew a .357 Magnum handgun from her purse, fired a shot into the air, and then pointed the gun at the group and threatened to shoot them, the report states. Cersosimo told deputies she fired a single round into the ground to stop the fight but did not point the gun at anyone.

She was booked into the Hernando County Detention Center and charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and released after posting $35,000 bail.