Sex battery investigation leads to discovery of bombs and video depicting sexual assault

Published Dec. 1, 2012

TAMPA — An investigation into allegations that a Tampa man sexually battered a woman led to the discovery of bombs, drugs and video of the man attacking another woman, Hillsborough deputies said.

Frankie Valintino Aguilar, 51, faces a litany of charges, including two counts of sexual battery, and deputies believe he may have victimized more women.

The investigation began Nov. 21 when a woman got into an argument with Aguilar inside his home at 4114 Berkley Drive, according to Hillsborough County sheriff's officials.

When the woman tried to leave, Aguilar grabbed her hair and forced her into his bedroom, deputies said. There, he beat her, pointed a handgun at her, threatened to kill her and bound her at the wrists with disposable handcuffs. He later cut off the cuffs and forced the woman to perform sex acts, deputies said.

A subsequent investigation led to the execution of a search warrant Monday at Aguilar's home. Inside, deputies found five homemade bombs in an office, authorities said. The Sheriff's Office bomb squad examined the devices and found they could be ignited with a fuse.

As the search continued, deputies found several digital memory cards, one of which held a video depicting Aguilar choking and beating another woman, authorities said. He is later shown shocking the woman multiple times with a Taser before forcing her to have sex with him at gunpoint, they said.

In the video, Aguilar told the woman that if she went to authorities, he would make her watch while he killed one of her family members, deputies said.

In Aguilar's bedroom, deputies also found a stash of cocaine, officials said. They also found a set of four driver's licenses in the home, two of which belonged to the women he is accused of attacking. Authorities are trying to find the owners of the other two licenses.

Aguilar was booked Monday in the Hillsborough County Jail and held without bail. His charges include sexual battery, aggravated assault with a firearm, false imprisonment, possession of destructive devices, trafficking in illegal drugs and felony battery.

Authorities are asking that anyone who was attacked by Aguilar contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office at (813) 247-8200.