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Tampa addiction doctor accused of filling fake prescriptions

Published Aug. 10, 2013

TAMPA — State health officials on Friday announced they are seeking to discipline a Tampa addiction specialist accused of illegally obtaining addictive drugs such as Adderall for himself by using blank prescriptions signed in advance by another doctor.

Dr. Joseph Molea admitted to Tampa police in June that he had written the medications and dosage he wanted on blank prescriptions signed by another doctor, Department of Health officials wrote in the order. He was arrested on seven counts of possession of blank prescriptions.

The other doctor, who is identified only by his or her initials, admitted to providing Molea about 30 blank prescriptions. Molea, in exchange, had given the other doctor a similar number of signed but blank prescriptions, officials said.

State health officials on Friday issued emergency restrictions on Molea's ability to prescribe controlled substances.

Officials say the incidents occurred between last November and May, when a Walgreen's pharmacist familiar with Molea's handwriting suspected that Molea was filling out his own, the order says.

Molea did not return a phone message for comment. He is the author of a number of publications about addictions among physicians.