Tampa store clerk shoots at man to foil robbery

Published April 21, 2015

TAMPA — The robber entered the ABC Liquor store Sunday, pulled a gun and ordered the two clerks to the ground. One of them ignored the command and pulled his own gun.

The clerk fired at the robber, police said, but wasn't sure if he hit his target. The robber fired back, just grazing the clerk in the face.

Then the assailant made what might have been his best decision during the 2:55 p.m. robbery — he fled on foot.

Tampa police said they were still searching for the unidentified robber, who covered the lower part of his face with a towel, wore a black hat, sunglasses and a gray T-shirt over a black, long-sleeve shirt. Police did not say if he got away with any cash during the robbery at the 3707 E Hillsborough Avenue liquor store.

Police using dogs combed an area near the store searching for the suspect. Police said they didn't know if he had a car waiting for him near the store.

The clerk who pulled the gun suffered only a minor injury from the bullet grazing him. A second clerk also suffered a minor injury caused by glass broken by one of the bullets. No customers were in the store during the attempted robbery.

Police did not identify the clerks, both of whom were taken to an area hospital.