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Trevor Dooley starts prison term for killing over skateboarding argument

Published Nov. 18, 2014

TAMPA — An appeal of his manslaughter conviction denied, Trevor Dooley has surrendered to begin serving prison time for killing a neighbor in a 2010 dispute over a skateboarder.

In November 2012, a jury convicted Dooley, now 73, of fatally shooting David James, 41, during a confrontation about a skateboarder using a community basketball court in a Valrico neighborhood. A scuffle broke out between Dooley and James, and Dooley shot James to death in front of the younger man's 8-year-old daughter. Dooley initially tried to assert self defense under Florida's controversial "stand your ground" law.

He faced up to 30 years in prison, but a judge in January 2013 sentenced him to eight.

Dooley filed an appeal, which was rejected in August. A motion for a rehearing on the appeal was denied in October.

He had been released from jail on bail pending the appeal. But on Friday, records show, Dooley was returned to be held at the Orient Road jail before starting his state prison sentence.