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Two men arrested in connection with baby formula heist at East Lake Walmart

Published May 3, 2016


Two men arrested in connection to baby formula heist at East Lake Walmart

Two men are accused of taking more than 100 cans of baby formula from a Walmart neighborhood market in the last few weeks, according to arrest reports.

Surveillance video from the store at 3400 East Lake Road captured William Kelly, 65, and Purvis Sealy, 26, pushing carts containing the cans, worth $15.97 each, out to the parking lot. The thefts occurred in late March and throughout April.

Arrest reports state that Kelly "has a history involving theft of infant formula and is known to sell it in Tampa to local merchants."

Sealy, of Tampa, told deputies Kelly, who is listed as a transient in reports, took the stolen goods to Tampa to sell them and paid Sealy a commission "based on the profits received from the stolen infant formula," a report says.

The men also stole bags of dog food and several cases of Red Bull energy drinks. Sealy is also accused of stealing more than $100 worth of beer from the same store with two other men last month.

Sealy and Kelly were jailed on several charges of grand theft.


Snooze on Clearwater Beach lands homeless man in jail

Officers had already warned Brandyn Tuzzolino, 29, that sleeping on Clearwater Beach was against city ordinance.

But on April 27, police found Tuzzolino, who is homeless, sleeping on the beach again, according to an arrest report.

"The defendant stated he thought the mayor said it was okay for tourists to sleep on the beach," an officer wrote.

He was arrested on a charge of lodging out of doors.

Compiled by Laura C. Morel, Times staff writer.