Woman wanted for stealing more than $1,000 in FitBits

Published Jun. 20, 2016

Sheriff's deputies are looking for a woman who stole more than $1,000 worth of FitBits from a Target store in Tampa.

Using a security key, the woman stole seven of the FitBit activity-monitoring bracelets from a locked display just after 8:30 p.m. June 9 from the Target at 6295 W. Waters Ave., according to the sheriff's office. The woman paid for one DVD with a credit card before leaving the Target at 6295 W. Waters Ave. with the stolen FitBits in her purse, the sheriff's office said.

The FitBits are valued at more than $1,119. When the woman left the store, she set off the security alarm. The sheriff's office described her as a white woman with long brown hair, 30 to 40 years old, weighing about 110 to 120 pounds and 5-feet-2-inches to 5-feet-4-inches tall.

It wasn't clear whether the woman was ever an employee at the Target, said Cristal Nunez, office spokeswoman.

Anyone with information about the theft can call the sheriff's office at (813)-247-8200.