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Deputy shoots, kills woman in Inverness

Published Nov. 17, 2014

A Citrus County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a woman in Inverness after she allegedly fought him, grabbed his taser and pointed it at him Sunday night.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office said Dawn Renee Cameron, 46, of Inverness was trying to light a neighbor's truck on fire shortly before midnight when the deputy, Jacob Chenoweth, responded to 550 W Independence Highway.

Authorities said Chenoweth ran into Cameron at the entrance to Inverness Park and she attacked him. According to Sheriff's Office reports, Cameron took control of Chenoweth's taser during the struggle and pointed it at him. Then he shot her.

Cameron was treated at the scene and then taken to a hospital, where she was later pronounced dead, the Sheriff's Office said. Chenoweth started working for the sheriff's office in March 2010, authorities said, and there are no prior disciplinary incidents in his file.

He has been placed on paid administrative leave, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the incident — both standard measures after officer-involved shootings.