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Flaw spotted on new rug in Pinellas Sheriff's Office

LARGO — The green rugs were placed a few months ago inside the new $81 million building that houses the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

Emblazoned with the sheriff's star, along with a drawing of the state of Florida, they adorned the front lobby until a deputy noticed something wrong Tuesday.

One of the two rugs read, "In Dog We Trust."

They were removed Wednesday, a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said.

The proofs the agency signed and submitted to the manufacturer, American Floor Mats, had the correct spelling. The Sheriff's Office is working to replace the rug, which cost $500.

As news of the typo spread Wednesday, some people posted on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page that the agency should keep the rug. Others wanted to buy it.

"Keep the 'In Dog We Trust' rug! It is priceless!" one person wrote.

"I know it sounds odd," posted another, "but I'm a great dog person and really find that a rug like that would be wonderful for my dogs to have for beds."

It was unclear Wednesday what the fate of the misspelled rug would be.

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