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Great-grandmother arrested at Disney World for carrying CBD oil

It wasn't far from the fairy tale trip she'd hoped for.

A great-grandmother from Tennessee was arrested on her way to Magic Kingdom last month after an Orange County Sheriff's Office deputy found CBD oil in her purse at a check point, according to an arrest report.

Hester Burkhalter told a Fox news affiliate in Orlando she had been planning the trip for two years, but instead of a boat ride into a small world, she took a car ride to Orange County Jail.

Burkhalter, 69, was arrested April 15 and charged with possession of hashish, a felony. She spent 12 hours in jail and was trespassed from Disney property before being released on $2,000 bail. The charges were later dropped.

"I have really bad arthritis in my legs, in my arms and in my shoulder," Burkhalter told the station. "I use it for the pain because it helps."

Burkhalter added that she began using the oil at her doctor's direction and carried a prescription with her just in case. That didn't help.

According to the report, Burkhalter was stopped at a bag check while trying to enter Magic Kingdom around 11:30 a.m., April 15. Security personnel found a 1-ounce bottle labeled Select CBD that stated it contained zero milligrams of THC, the psychoactive property in marijuana that gets people high.

CBD, similarly to marijuana, comes from the cannabis plants and is considered a cannabinoid, but does not offer the same psychoactive effects. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and is not considered marijuana. While CBD doesn't get you high, it is said to have similar health benefits to marijuana.

Burkhalter's arrest report said the security officer notified a nearby deputy who tested the oil and said it came back positive for THC. He then arrested Burkhalter and trespassed her from the property.

CBD has recently caused controversy as it falls into a gray area in Florida law, though it's rare to see someone arrested for possession, the Times wrote last month.

In Tampa, you can take CBD bong hits and do yoga and CBD is sold on shelves in liquid, cream and edible forms throughout the state, though it is technically not legal.


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