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Holiday man impersonated cop in traffic stop, deputies say

NEW PORT RICHEY — Richard Sleeper told the driver he'd have to issue the man a citation. As a police officer, Sleeper said, he could do such a thing.

He's not.

Sleeper, listed as a security guard for Allied Barton, had cut off the 75-year-old man and his passenger Jan. 14 near the gate of Gulf Harbors community in New Port Richey, a Pasco County Sheriff's report said. Sleeper, 29, said he'd have to cite the driver for having an obscured license plate.

When the passenger called real police, Sleeper jumped in his car and tried to leave, the report said. The man followed him. They pulled onto Floramar Terrace. Then Sleeper stomped his brakes, the report said, causing the man to rear-end him.

Sleeper was arrested Friday at his home in Holiday after he was released from the hospital where he had been recovering from his injuries in the crash. He was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer. He was released from the Land O'Lakes jail on $5,000 bail.