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New York City steakhouse offers reward for return of stolen Seltzer's cow in St. Petersburg

The plight of a plastic cow that was stolen from a St. Petersburg restaurant on Saturday has garnered the attention of a longtime New York City steakhouse.

The owners of the 150-year-old Old Homestead Steakhouse, on 56 Ninth Avenue in the Hell's Kitchen section of Manhattan, say they will offer $1,000 and a free steak dinner to anyone who provides information leading to the bovine's recovery.

According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, someone made off with the 12 feet by 3 feet cow in the middle of the afternoon from the rear entrance of the Harold Seltzer's Steakhouse location on Tyrone Boulevard, prompting a Facebook post from the department and plea from restaurant owners for the cow's safe return.

The cows have been an iconic sight in front of the restaurants, which originated as Sam Seltzer's Steakhouse in the mid-1990s and had as many as six locations across the Tampa Bay area before becoming Harold Seltzer's Steakhouse in 2010 with locations in St. Petersburg and Port Richey. And the cow's disappearance is starting to garner international attention.

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Old Homestead co-owner Marc Sherry can relate.

Much like Seltzer's, the front of Old Homestead features the iconic image of Annabelle the Cow, a giant sculpture that has stood above the restaurant's marquee for almost 65 years.

And, like the stolen Seltzer's cow, Sherry said in a news release that "a group of intoxicated men" attempted to steal the sculpture in the mid-80s but were thwarted by a "good Samaritan."

"We feel a deep connection to Harold Seltzer's, both having famous bovine sculptures that have become synonymous with our restaurants," Marc Sherry said in the release. "Hopefully this reward helps bring back the cow. We know what Annabelle means to us. She's part of our family.

"Money on the street talks, whether you're in New York or Florida, and that ain't no bull."

In addition, Seltzer's officials announced on Facebook that they will offer a free dinner to anyone who assists in the cow's return, "no questions asked."