News at Noon: Is Florida the most dangerous state in the U.S.; Amy Klobuchar's missed shot; the latest on All Children's; and more

Here are the top five latest headlines and updates on
Check for the latest breaking news and developments.
Check for the latest breaking news and developments.
Published June 28
Updated June 28

Here are the top five latest headlines and updates on

5 reasons Florida might be the most dangerous state in the country

Florida is 2019’s third-most dangerous state in the U.S., according to a new ranking by WalletHub. We think it should be number one. Here's why.

That time Amy Klobuchar was asked about Joe Biden’s busing history ... and punted

It was the defining moment of Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate: Sen. Kamala Harris, the only black candidate on the stage, challenging former Vice President Joe Biden on his civil rights record. Unlike Harris, Amy Klobuchar didn’t call out Biden when asked about it in Tampa.

Here’s the latest fallout from our investigation into problems at the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Heart Institute.

Following a Times investigation, the president of the Johns Hopkins Health System said leaders in Baltimore did not fully understand what was happening in the All Children’s heart program until late last year. They'll be more involved in discipline and hiring. Also, we've got details on the first settlement to become public after the Times report on problems with the hospital’s heart surgeries. In February, the system said it was negotiating with 11 families, “admitting our liability in most cases.”

Online dating and online car shopping are the same. Can they lead to love?

How else do you meet people these days without an app? We've made the profiles, sent the random hellos and been on several dates. It usually doesn't add up to much, really. And these days, the same is true when car shopping. One dealer after another is trying to keep your attention, throwing out a deal, a pickup line. But are we wasting our time?

Alligator captured near Fort Meade canal where man's body was found

The Polk County Sheriff's Office received a call at 7:43 a.m. Thursday from a man saying a Mosaic employee found a body floating in a hydraulic ditch "with a gator ahold of it" on the company's property, just off Peeples Road, near State Road 630, west of Fort Meade.

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