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VIDEO: Pasco deputy shoots dog after pack attacks teen, elderly man

Published Apr. 25, 2019

A roaming pack of dogs attacked a teen and an elderly man and then tried to attack a deputy who ended up shooting one of them in a series of incidents that took place Thursday morning in the Shady Hills area, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

The first report of the pack of three adult bulldogs and two puppies wandering around the area came in at 6:53 a.m. near Crews Lake Wilderness Park at 16739 Crews Lake Drive.

Then the attacks were reported. A 15-year-old boy was bitten in the leg while either walking to school or waiting for the school bus, deputies said.

An elderly man was also attacked and ended up on the ground outside his home near 15046 Lenway Road.

Then Cpl. Jason Murphy arrived to assist the man and the dogs started approaching him, according to video of his bodycam released by the Sheriff's Office.

He aimed his firearm at the dogs, the video showed, as they got closer and closer to the corporal's legs.

Then the corporal shot one of the dogs. The pack retreated to another part of the property. The video showed the wounded dog was then attacked by the other members of the pack.

The teen and the man who were bitten by the dogs were named by the Sheriff's Office. The man exclaimed that the dogs came out of nowhere, according to the bodycam video. The man sustained serious injuries on both legs. The teen was bitten on one leg. The corporal was not injured.

The wounded dog was euthanized at the request of the owner.

Pasco County Animal Services took possession of the other dogs and quarantined them. No other details about the incident, or the fate of the other dogs, was released by the Sheriff's Office.

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