Pasco Sheriff's Office and DEA raid synthetic marijuana lab

Published Jul. 26, 2012

HOLIDAY — Federal agents and Pasco deputies Wednesday raided a synthetic marijuana laboratory that was shipping products throughout the country, said Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco.

The raid was part of a national investigation with the Drug Enforcement Administration focusing on the synthetic drug industry. The Pasco business, at 4339 Buena Vista Lane, is just west of U.S. 19 in Holiday. Nocco said 440 pounds of materials were seized, including more than 100,000 packages of the drug, also called "Spice." Nocco said the business was buying drug components from China, then spraying those materials with chemicals and packaging them for sale. Many components of synthetic marijuana are banned, but makers of the drug have skirted the law by using alternate chemicals. The Sheriff's Office said it believes the materials seized Wednesday are illegal ones. No arrests have yet been made yet; the chemicals are being tested.

"If you are in the game for greed, we will be putting handcuffs on you," Nocco said.

The raid came on the same day that federal agents and Hillsborough deputies seized millions of dollars worth of synthetic marijuana from three Tampa warehouses.