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Two more homes claimed by massive Land O'Lakes sinkhole

LAND O'LAKES — Pasco County officials announced Sunday that they will condemn two more homes near the massive sinkhole in Lake Padgett Estates.

That brings to six the number of homes that have been claimed by what authorities have described as Pasco's largest sinkhole in decades.

The homes at 3153 Canal Place and 21748 Ocean Pines Drive were being condemned and the homeowners' possessions were being moved out on Sunday. That follows two home condemnations on Friday in addition to the two houses destroyed when the sinkhole opened.

Contractors have been working to clean debris from the sinkhole, which has grown as wide as 260 feet, since Saturday morning. Work temporarily halted on Friday after large chunks of its edge crumbled inward.

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On Saturday workers dumped 55 truckloads worth of crushed limestone and boulders to stabilize one edge of the hole and build a ramp into the depression. Workers then floated a small platform barge equipped with a backhoe into water in the sinkhole to clean debris from the center. They will use another backhoe to clean debris from the side of the hole.

Eleven residences were initially evacuated when the massive pit that opened on July 14. Some families were later allowed to return.

The Pasco County Commission awarded a $640,000 contract last week to clear debris from the sinkhole.

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