Witnesses recall 'blood everywhere' and barrage of gunfire as shooter moved through Pulse nightclub

Published June 13, 2016

Pulse nightclub in Orlando made an emergency post to its Facebook page about 2 a.m.

"Everyone get out of pulse and keep running."

Inside, an armed person had taken control of the club. People partying and dancing around closing time on Latin Night saw a person with a long gun. Some ran to the bathroom, others ducked beneath DJ booths.

A police SWAT team descended on the street outside. People on the sidewalk heard a barrage of gunfire.


Families rushed to the scene. People from inside the club were taken to hospitals and to detectives waiting to conduct interviews. Later, they were dropped off at the police station.

Families continued to search for loved ones as the sun rose.

The investigation at Pulse was just beginning.

Orlando's mayor took to Twitter to speak to his community.