Author breaks from the traditional devotional

Nikki Brown is the author of I’m A Christ Chix.
Nikki Brown is the author of I’m A Christ Chix.
Published Nov. 23, 2016

A sign with one word on it hangs in Valrico middle-school teacher Nikki Brown's classroom: Imagination.

Brown, a pastor's daughter, teaches 6th grade language arts. Her students sometimes need a reminder that it is okay to "think outside the box" and get creative, she said.

Brown, 38, recently released her first book, the atypical women's devotional I'm a Christ Chix. The 58-page Christian book differs from traditional devotionals in its brevity. It also doesn't require daily reading.

"For women managing children, husbands and work, it seems unrealistic to expect them to sit down and do devotional work every day," Brown said. "This book is short and I say for each chapter to give yourself 30 days."

I'm a Christ Chix focuses on the Biblical character Esther and what women can learn from her, mainly reliance on faith to achieve personal goals.

"A Christ Chix doesn't allow others to define who she is or what she stands for," Brown wrote on her web site. "She is confident in her beliefs and stands firmly on her faith. She likes to look good but remembers who she represents."

Brown, a lifelong Christian and devoted Missionary Baptist, discovered her love for writing as a teenager. She wrote for her high school newspaper, then for the Oracle at the University of South Florida. She graduated from USF with a bachelor's degree in English in 2001 and a Masters in Educational Leadership in 2009.

For years, she considered writing a book. Blogging about her struggles with fibromyalgia provided motivation. The author in her came alive and God's direction inspired Christ Chix, she said.

Brown, her husband and their two elementary-age children attend New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa. Brown serves on the vision team and in the church nursery. At home, Biblical principles guide everyday life, she said.

"There is no such thing as a perfect parent but I applaud my dad for making sure my siblings and I knew the word of God," Brown said. "Because of that, I feel the same way about how I'm raising my children. My husband and I lead Bible study in our home."

Brown, an African-American, said she teaches her children to put God above all things. In current times, she advises them to keep focused on scriptures. The recent election didn't shake her faith.

"There are too many people putting too much emphasis on who the president is going to be," she said. "What matters is that you remain accountable to God. I prayed, asked God to show me who I should vote for, voted for that person and let it go."

Rather than blaming politics, Brown encourages others to take responsibility for their actions and impact.

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