Road rage ends in arrest for Plant City man

Published Nov. 9, 2013

RIVERVIEW — An act of road rage occurred Thursday between James Gritzinger, 22, and James Reynolds Sr., 68. Both men were driving south on U.S. 301 at about 3:20 p.m. approaching Rhodine Road.

Reynolds called his son, James H. Reynolds Jr. to tell him about the incident. The drivers, both of whom live in Riverview, turned east on Rhodine Road and drove about a mile east before getting out of their cars to fight, sheriff's deputies said. Gritzinger got back into his car and continued east to Balm Riverview Road. There, Reynolds Jr. was waiting at the southwest corner of the intersection. As Gritzinger stopped, Reynolds Jr. fired with a laser-sight-equipped pistol, striking the front passenger door three times and the passenger side of the windshield once.

Gritzinger was not injured and sped off.

Detectives issued an arrest warrant for Reynolds Jr., charging him with shooting into an occupied vehicle. He was taken into custody at Orient Road Jail on Friday, his 24th birthday.