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Saltblock Catering Co. delivers the flavor

TAMPA — Saltblock Catering Co. started with a group of people who wanted to introduce locally inspired recipes to the community.

"We focus on the experience as much as we do the food," said co-founder Ryan Conigliaro.

From catering events to creating a pop-up restaurant called Back to the Table which brings homemade meals to a variety of local venues, the company has grown since it's inception in the city just 18 months ago.

Now, they will extend their services to include delivery.

"Deliveries were the next logical step because it extends our reach, as well as allows individuals who already have a connection with our food to share that experience with their office, families or friends," said co-founder Scott Roberts.

Though there is a $150 minimum order stipulation, there are plenty of dishes to choose from.

The gunners are smaller-sized sandwiches filled with your choice of pulled pork, cranberry chicken salad and roasted vegetables among other options.

Then there's the watermelon and watercress salad, or sides like black eyed pea succotash and pale ale macaroni 'n' cheese.

"Think savory, smoky meats and big salads that can stand as a meal on their own," Roberts said.

In addition to serving up locally-sourced ingredients, diners can get a helping of healthy options as well.

"We know people are paying more attention to what they are eating, so our menu only includes items made from scratch. Seasonal, gluten free and vegetarian options are easily found on the menu."

See more on the menu and even order online through their website, or call, (877) 793-7526.