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Solutions: For best results in Facebook gaming, get latest IE and all updates

Published Jan. 29, 2012

What browser is the best for using Facebook and playing games on Facebook? My computer has Windows 7, and I'm using Internet Explorer now.

I don't play any of the games on Facebook, but my recommendation for a browser is always the latest version of Internet Explorer, including any system updates, set to at least the default security settings "Medium-High" (Tools, Internet Options, Security tab).

I'm having trouble with Nero 8 Essentials. I have been backing up my DVD movies with Nero 8, and it has been working okay. But now I can no longer get it to open. I tried removing it from programs and then reinstalled to no avail. It seems to download from the disc okay, but the last step says to finish the computer must be restarted. I do this and, after a restart, I click on the icon to open Nero 8 and get the message, "failed to open, problem report sent to Microsoft."

If it was running successfully previously and then suddenly stopped working, it could be due to a corrupted file, registry entry or a conflicting Windows update or any other software you may have loaded around that time. I would go to and download the Nero General Clean tool, run it and then try a fresh install again (making sure the install DVD is clean). If you still have the same issue, try doing a System Restore (All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, or just type System Restore in the search box) to a time when the application was working.

I have AVG free on my computer and Malwarebytes. After running them I got a warning of a virus and it doesn't seem to be fixed. It's on my D drive. It says, "recovery drive D:\windows\System32\autochk.exe may be infected by unknown virus win 32 SDK Type: core." However, it will not allow AVG to put it in the vault or fix it. I'm afraid to just delete it because I don't know what part of the computer it is infecting and what the effects will be if it is deleted.

I have seen references to this on AVG's support forums as being a false alarm and that updating the definitions will solve this issue. Autochk.exe is a legitimate part of Windows and handles automatic checking of a suspected faulty disk drive upon boot. Your D drive is a recovery drive that contains the files needed to restore your PC to the factory settings. But that doesn't mean it couldn't have been targeted by some virus or Trojan. If updating your AVG doesn't solve the issue, try this: Use Microsoft's Windows Defender Offline Beta. It creates a boot CD (or USB drive) that will allow you to boot without starting Windows and runs a thorough virus check.

Go to to read about the Windows Defender Offline Beta and create your own CD/DVD. Once this is completed, boot from that CD (watch when your computer reboots — it will ask you to press any key to boot from the CD). This will run virus/malware checking without starting Windows and allowing any potential virus to interfere.

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