Stanton bankruptcy trustee seeks ex-wife's financial records

Published June 29, 2013

In the wake of John D. Stanton III admitting to bigamy in a court filing this week, the trustee handling the former Cast-Crete executive's bankruptcy now wants an accounting from his purported second wife and her divorce attorneys.

In court papers filed Friday, trustee Larry S. Hyman requested Susan Stanton's bank records, evidence of gifts, phone logs, and other financial documents pertaining to her settlement and divorce from John Stanton, dating back four years before Stanton's 2011 bankruptcy filing. Hyman also requested records from her attorneys, Marian McCulloch and Louis F. Hornstine.

"It is important for the Trustee to understand whether Susan Stanton's divorce counsel knew about the prior marriage and when they discovered that no prior divorce had taken place," attorney Herbert R. Donica wrote.

As trustee, Hyman is charged with recouping assets for Stanton's creditors. Susan Stanton, 54, is listed among the creditors. She filed a claim against Stanton last year for $13 million in child support and alimony. According to Hillsborough County court records, she married John Stanton, 64, in Michigan in August 1998. The couple divorced in 2011.

But in Friday's motion, Donica wrote it appeared that John Stanton had transferred assets to Susan Stanton through "numerous and complex" transactions. If established, Donica wrote, "the transfers would constitute fraudulent transfer actions."

Attempts to reach McCulloch and Hornstine for comment were unsuccessful.