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The skinny: Orkin announces top bedbug city list

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Published Mar. 23, 2012

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a travel guide to that creepy, itchy sensation

The Orkin people have announced the 2011 list of the nation's most favorable destinations for those seeking a bedbug encounter. No. 1 is Cincinnati, No. 2 is Chicago and No. 3 is Detroit. But don't fret, Florida, we made the list: Miami/Fort Lauderdale comes creeping up from No. 54 in 2010 into No. 24, and West Palm Beach/Fort Pierce clings to the No. 50 spot. In case you track such things, Orkin also says it saw a 33.6 percent increase in bedbug business compared with 2010, based on treatments it performed.

You're not excused

Note: If you do it, don't talk about it

Denver authorities tell KDVR-TV that Susan Cole, 54, showed up for jury duty in June heavily coated with makeup, her hair in curlers, wearing mismatched shoes, reindeer socks and a shirt reading "Ask me about my best seller." People noticed. Then, when she told the judge she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from military service, was a victim of domestic violence and had been homeless, she was dismissed. But then in October, an investigator with the District Attorney's Office heard "Char from Denver" describe on a radio call-in show how she beat jury duty with that same get-up and behavior. Uh-oh. Officials tracked her down and now she faces felony charges of perjury and attempting to influence a public servant.

real Numbers

Teens really love their cellphones

The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports:

75% of 12- to 17-year-olds own cellphones, up from 45% in 2004.

66% of teen texters say they are more likely to text friends than talk to them by phone.

5 calls a day is usual for teens.

15% of teen texters send more than 200 text messages a day.

30 texts a day, sent and received, is typical for boys.

80 per day is typical for girls.

34% of texting teens 16 and 17 say they have texted while driving — that's 26% of all U.S. teens those ages.

4% of teens say they have sent a sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude image of themselves via text message.

64% of parents look at their child's cell phone

62% have taken their child's phone as punishment.

26% of teens have been bullied or harassed through texts and phone calls.

Notes at random

• Goodbye madam: The city of Butte, Mont., mourned the passing of Ruby Garrett, 94, who had run the last brothel in this mining town's once-lively red-light district. She was noted for kindness toward her girls, shooting down a husband and tax evasion. "She was a wonderful old gal," said ex-Sheriff Bob Butorovich.

Don't call again: Harold Lee Patterson Jr., 52, of Waterloo, Iowa, has been arrested for dialing 911 to report a woman at his house wearing lipstick.

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