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Floridians complain about bad drivers more than any other state, study says

The study looked at Twitter data over a month-long period.

Ask almost any Floridian and they’ll tell you: Drivers in Florida are the worst.

Whether it’s because of the heat or abundance of out-of-towners constantly on the roads, Floridians are notorious for being angry drivers. A newly released study shows that anger correlates directly to the number of angry tweets about driving we send out.

The insurance site ranked Florida as the “official home of the horrible driver,” using over 10,000 geo-tagged tweets from July to reach their conclusion.

Florida has the most angry tweets about driving, study shows. [] [ ]

The map based on the data showed that a majority of the angry tweets came from states east of the Mississippi River.

After Florida, the worst drivers — or at least, the states who complain on Twitter the most — were Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia and Minnesota.

Perhaps related to the angry tweets, Florida has the most car accidents annually, followed by Tennessee and New Mexico.

In the past 24 hours alone there were over a hundred tweets about Florida drivers. Here’s a small taste of those that were PG: