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No texting while driving law: What are the exceptions?

Dr. Delay explores the “what-ifs” that come along with enforcing the new ban.

The New Year has arrived, so drivers can be pulled over for texting while driving.

Florida’s ban on texting while driving first went into effect as a secondary offense. That meant that motorists could only be cited for texting if they were stopped for other reasons, such as speeding.

But on July 1, it became a primary offense.

Now, officials are fully enforcing the law, so queue up the what-ifs.

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A colleague brought to the Doc’s attention an interesting point:

“How can they tell whether you’re texting or dialing a phone number?” asked Roger Fischer, a Tampa Bay Times copy editor.

Truth is, they can’t.

Also, consider this:

If you’re one of those good Samaritans who responds to amber alerts, silver alerts, or dials *347 to notify the Florida Highway Patrol of traffic congestion or drunk drivers and other suspicious activity, couldn’t that be mistaken for texting while driving?

Of course.

Which explains why there are exceptions outlined in Florida statute 316.305, the wireless communications devices prohibition statute.

“The statute does not prohibit reporting emergencies or criminal or suspicious activity to law enforcement authorities,” said Lt. Derrick Rahming with the Florida Highway Patrol.

This also includes someone who is receiving messages that are safety-related information, including emergency, traffic or weather alerts.

Other exceptions apply when drivers are using a device or system for navigation purposes or receiving messages that are radio broadcasts or related to the operation or navigation of their vehicle.

At this point, we’ve had six months to learn all about the new law. In case you’re still not caught up or have more questions, see the full statutes for more information.

If it were up to the Doc, I’d say don’t risk it using the phone, unless you can do so hands-free. You’re probably better off pulling over to dial *347 (FHP) and report suspicious activity, if you feel so inclined.


Hernando County:

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Pinellas County:

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