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Florida drivers are still some of the worst in the nation

Florida again is one of the states with the worst drivers in nation, according to a study conducted by SmartAsset.

The good news? At least we aren't in first place anymore.

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Florida was the No. 1 state for bad drivers when this study was conducted last year. However, new information bumped the Sunshine State down to No. 8 in the country.

Mississippi is now the top state for the worst drivers, followed by a tie between Tennessee and California.

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What earned us a spot in the top 10? For starters, 2.17 drivers out of every 1,000 are arrested for a DUI. And just 73.3 percent of Florida's drivers are insured — one of the lowest rates nationwide.

On the plus side, fatalities have dropped by a third since 1994. Florida's roads see about 1.47 fatalities per 100 million miles driven, with close to 3,200 traffic-related fatalities counted in 2016.

To read about the methodology and see the whole list of the worst drivers, check out the studyhere.