38th Avenue N project nears end

Published Oct. 19, 2016

Regarding 38th Avenue N at 58th Street: Talk about delay, how long is this going to take? It looks like they are making the intersection smaller, besides the fact that temporary markings don't exist. Very poor barrel placing, you can't find any markings when it's dark, schoolchildren have to deal with this mess on their way to Westgate Elementary. It seems to me that if the yield signs were replaced with stop signs there would be no problem. I don't understand why the light cycle was not increased for north- and southbound traffic. You have both southbound and right turn lane traffic squeezed into one lane.

Skip Ririe

The end is ostensibly almost near; the latest update from Pinellas County Public Works is that the intersection improvement project, which began in early June of this year, is scheduled to be completed Oct. 28.

Doc, do you know what's happening on Haines Road and how long it will last?

Mike Cooper

We sure do. Get ready for a major project on Haines Road that will stretch from 52nd Avenue N to 60th Avenue N. The end result will be improved roadway and sidewalks. Motorists can expect lane closures, traffic slowdowns and detours throughout the life of this county project, which is going to be a rather long one — it's scheduled to last until March 2018.

When leaving Tropicana Field on Fifth Avenue S going toward U.S. 19 (34th Street), there are no signs telling visitors and residents where to turn to continue onto U.S. 19. It is especially unsafe at night when visibility is not as good as in the daytime. I have lived here since 1982 and I never remember 34th Street is also U.S. 19. We need signage to make our trip to the Trop safer.

Irene Greco

Thanks for your note, which we shared with both the city and the state Department of Transportation. The two have coordinated to order and install several U.S. 19 route markers that will be posted along various roadway approaches, including Fifth Avenue S.

Barricade watch

•Workers are installing traffic and pedestrian detection infrastructure at the intersection of 22nd Avenue S and 52nd Street. Motorists should be prepared for lane closures and delays during the work, which is expected to be completed Oct. 28.

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