What's the rule on emergency vehicles

If you see this in your rear view mirror, you want to pull over and get out of the way.
If you see this in your rear view mirror, you want to pull over and get out of the way.
Published April 27, 2016

How is one supposed to respond when an ambulance approaches from behind with its flashing lights on only and no siren nor honking?

Robert L. Simister

Motorists should yield to emergency vehicles that have their lights flashing (but no siren), just as they would when encountering emergency vehicles using flashing lights and sirens together. Florida's law regarding the actions of motorists and pedestrians on the approach of an authorized emergency vehicle states that either indication alone — emergency lights or siren — is sufficient (although obviously, the use of both at the same time is ideal) in terms of communicating that the vehicle is on its way to an emergency.

The law says that when an emergency vehicle is approaching with its lights or siren on, other drivers must yield the right of way and pull as close to the curb as possible, remaining there until the emergency vehicle has passed.

Is there some place the race officials or police publish the vehicular traffic patterns for the St. Anthony's Triathlon? The intersection attendants in the southeast part of the city route motorists around a closed circuit and one cannot easily find a way get across Fourth Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street west to access other city venues, church on Sunday morning, etc. without undue stress and risks. Keep the event, but have the organizers please respect the needs of all by truly organizing and sharing information with the community.

Jack Hutto

The St. Anthony's Triathlon, which has been an annual event in St. Petersburg for 33 years, has a comprehensive website that lists a plethora of information about the event every year, to include traffic impact information and course maps. It also features a signup form that anyone can use to request more information.

Bookmark this website and check in next spring so that you're fully informed and prepared for the 34th running of the St. Anthony's Triathlon.

Barricade watch

• The Treasure Island Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic on from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Thursday for scheduled maintenance work. Marine traffic will not be affected.

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