Florida shocked by wave of snow flurries

Published Jan. 23, 2016

In case this winter hasn't been weird enough, the universe threw snow into the mix ... in Florida.

According to the University of Florida Weather Center website (and many bewildered social media posts), flurries hit Gainesville and other parts of North Florida on Saturday morning after a cold front moved through the state Friday.

The flakes coincide with a blizzard chugging through the Northeast, expected to drop two feet of snow in Washington, D.C., according to The New York Times.

While the Floridian flurries came and went quickly, several shocked residents took to social media to share photos and videos.

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Florida snow via @youtube

Hard to see, but those are snowflakes in Snugglenugget's hair. Check it out @ufweather! #Gainesville

Some frozen precip this morning in GNV #weathertogether #snowzilla_inthe352

It's snowing in Gainesville. Never thought I'd see that

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