Hurricane Irma merchandise floods eBay

Among the Hurricane Irma items listed on eBay is this coffee mug for $16.99.
Among the Hurricane Irma items listed on eBay is this coffee mug for $16.99.
Published Sept. 15, 2017

While Floridians have been cleaning up the damage Hurricane Irma left behind, hopeful entrepreneurs of Indianapolis; Anaheim, Calif.; East Meadow, N.Y.; Hamilton, Ohio; Cordova, Tenn.; Leon, Iowa; Granite Falls, N.C.; Selbyville, Del.; and beyond have been busy with their own plans to clean up. There are more than 3,000 listings on eBay for Irma-related merchandise.

Someone from Cordova is selling 8-by-10-inch glossy photos offering images of Irma over Florida for $12.99. A vendor in Selbyville has made posters picturing the Florida Gators mascot that read "Florida Strong, Irma 2017." You can have it for $29 plus shipping. T-shirts emblazoned with "Go Home Hurricane Irma You're Drunk" are available for $18 each and can ship from Hamilton on a moment's notice.

At least two Floridians are selling Irma rainwater.

"This water can be used for baneful workings and magic or regular workings and magic. This water is very powerful and supercharged. Great addition to any type of magic, working or spell," writes the Palm Beach Gardens vendor selling 12-ounce mason jars of Irma water for $24 each. Some jars include floating leaves and other debris.

The bid price for a bottle of water prepared by Chip Sanders of Apalachicola starts at $10. He has just 36 bottles with a label picturing the eye and the storm's details including the 3,453-mile distance it traveled to reach Florida. Sanders states he is donating profits to help those who suffered because of the storm.

Just like any Super Bowl or NCAA Basketball Championship, there are hundreds of colors and styles of clothing with varying images and slogans available to commemorate Hurricane Irma. Browse the eight pages of merchandise on eBay and you'll see "Irma Geddon" tank tops for $14.99 and up. T-shirts with an image of the storm's eye wearing Mickey Mouse ears start at $20.99. Distressed, fitted women's shirts that read "Built Irma Strong" are available for $19.99 to $21.99.

One optimistic vendor from Leon is selling stainless steel, insulated coffee mugs that say "Hope is Bigger than Irma" for $25. Necklaces with "I survived Irma" stamped on a bottle cap are available from a crafter in Granite Falls for $6.

Several New Yorkers are selling copies of Newsday featuring storm photos and headlines on the cover. Single copies from the day Irma hit are going for $6.50 while a set of three copies including the two days leading up to landfall costs $16.50. Bidding for three copies of the Tampa Bay Times from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starts at 99 cents.

The most expensive Irma item on eBay must be the original painting by a Winter Garden artist that depicts the eye of the storm approaching a papaya tree with a sun above it. The work is titled Hurricane Irma vs. Florida. Bidding starts at $2,018.

If you don't want to deal with bidding and "buy-it-now" on eBay, no problem. A growing number of sites are selling Irma merchandise including, and

Here's hoping Jose shirts aren't in the works.