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Q&A: Things to know about Hermine

Was anybody killed?

Florida had one storm-related death, according to the governor's office. A man was found dead Friday beneath a fallen tree in Ocala.

Where was the worst flooding?

Hernando Beach residents reported 2 feet of water entering their homes. In Pasco County, 33 people had to be evacuated after storm surge affected Green Key and Hudson Beach.

What about mosquitoes?

Standing water could lead to a bumper crop, raising fears of spreading Zika.

How much rain did we get?

The National Weather Service said Gulfport had the most, with 14 inches falling since Tuesday. Dunedin saw nearly 13 inches while Tarpon Springs and Clearwater both got 10 inches. St. Petersburg, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Spring Hill and Land O'Lakes were on the low end with 6 to 7 inches.

What (and where) was the highest wind speed?

The Pinellas beaches had the strongest winds, with Indian Shores recording gusts of up to 78 mph, Treasure Island with 71 mph and Clearwater Beach registering 62 mph.

How much sewage was dumped and where?

Tampa officials said the city spilled 938,000 gallons of partially treated sewage into Hillsborough Bay because of a 10-minute power failure. St. Petersburg dumped millions of gallons of partially treated sewage into Tampa Bay, but officials declined to release specific numbers. Raw sewage also spilled from manholes in Clearwater and Largo.

Where is Hermine headed?

Hermine was downgraded to a tropical storm Friday as it inundated Georgia and South Carolina on its way to the Atlantic coast. The storm was expected to reach North Carolina's Outer Banks today and could regain strength Sunday and threaten from Delaware to New York City, according to

How will schools make up the two hurricane days?

Tampa Bay school districts haven't decided how schools will make up the lost days. Pinellas' staff calendar has set aside Oct. 12, a teacher planning day, and Nov. 21, a Thanksgiving holiday, as designated hurricane days, but a district spokeswoman said no decision has been made yet. Hillsborough's school district doesn't have a plan yet, either. Pasco is looking into adding minutes at the end of school days, using the Monday or Tuesday of Thanksgiving break as a makeup day, or requesting a waiver from the state Department of Education.

Sara DiNatale and Colleen Wright, Times staff writers