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Weather: It's going to be beautiful this weekend, and no one is surprised

Maybe you're sick of reading the same forecast every Friday, but we're not complaining.

Blue skies, warm temperatures and a low chance of rain will make for another beautiful weekend across Tampa Bay.

"Most of us will be dry and warm this weekend," Bay News 9 meteorologist Juli Marquez said.

Friday will reach 81 degrees, and Saturday's high is predicted to hit 83. Sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend at 84 degrees. Beaches will likely be in the 70s, Marquez said, since a sea breeze will push temperatures down.

Overnight lows will dip into the mid 60s and will be a few degrees warmer than the last few mornings of the work week. Skies will be partly cloudy, but the rain chance will remain around 10 percent through Sunday.

Showers and a cold front won't make an appearance until Monday.