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Hollywood-style sting catches alleged pirate kingpin

No movie role, just an arrest

In a sting operation worthy of Hollywood, an alleged pirate kingpin, Mohamed Abdi Hassan, was lured from Somalia to Belgium with promises of work on a documentary about high-seas crime that would "mirror his life as a pirate," federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle said Monday. But rather than being behind the camera as an expert adviser, Abdi Hassan ended up behind bars, arrested as he landed Saturday at a Brussels airport. He was charged with hijacking the Belgian dredger Pompei in 2009, kidnapping its nine-member crew, and reportedly getting a $3 million ransom.

Man at palace with a knife

A 44-year-old man with a knife was arrested after he tried to dart through a gate at Buckingham Palace in London on Monday, police said. The palace said Queen Elizabeth II was not in the building at the time. Breaches of royal security are rare, but just a month ago police arrested two men over a suspected break-in at the palace.

By the numbers

12,000 Moose populations in Minnesota in the 1990s

3,100 Moose populations in Minnesota now. In trying to explain the steep decline, wildlife officials say several factors are at work. But a common thread in most hypotheses is climate change — which has increased the number of parasites that attack moose and has made for warmer winters that stress out the animals, the New York Times reported.

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