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Koreas cancel talks in dispute over delegation

Published Jun. 12, 2013

South Korea

Koreas cancel talks in dispute over delegation

The Koreas' first high-level talks in years were scrapped Tuesday because the sides didn't agree on the delegation leaders, South Korea said. The cancellation of the talks, which were to start today, deflated hopes that the rivals would improve ties after years of rising hostility. North Korea said it wasn't sending its officials to Seoul for the two-day meeting because the South had changed the head of its delegation, said Kim Hyung Suk, a spokesman for Seoul's Unification Ministry. South Korea said it was still open to dialogue. The North did not issue a statement about the canceled talks.


Fires burn homes, force evacuations

At least four major wildfires broke out along the front of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado on Tuesday, burning a handful of houses and chasing people from thousands of homes in hot, gusty weather. Thick smoke plumes visible for miles billowed from fires near Colorado Springs, in southern Colorado, and in Rocky Mountain National Park to the north. A wildfire in a residential area northeast of Colorado Springs forced mandatory evacuations of 2,530 homes, including some worth more than $1 million, El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said.


U.S. blocks online al-Qaida magazine

U.S. intelligence operatives covertly sabotaged a prominent al-Qaida online magazine last month in an apparent attempt to sow confusion among the group's followers, according to U.S. officials. The operation succeeded, at least temporarily, in thwarting publication of the latest issue of Inspire, the English-language magazine distributed by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. When it appeared online, the text on the second page was garbled and the following 20 pages were blank. The sabotaged version was quickly removed from the online forum that hosted it, according to independent analysts who track jihadi websites. It's unclear how the hacking occurred.


Government shuts state TV, radio

Under pressure from its creditors to cut public employment, the Greek government said Tuesday that it was closing its state-run television and radio broadcaster, idling 2,900 people — less than 1 percent of the public workforce. The move outraged the country's powerful labor unions.


Bill targets public discussion of gays

The Russian parliament passed a bill Tuesday that imposes a fine for what it calls the propagandizing of "nontraditional" sexual relationships among minors. While the bill does not clarify the meaning of "nontraditional," in colloquial Russian it usually means gay, and the bill's intent was clear: to discourage open discussion of homosexuality in public places or in media accessible by children.


Princeton, N.J.: A phoned-in bomb threat forced Princeton University to shutter its campus for several hours Tuesday, but it later reopened after a search by law enforcement officials turned up no explosives.

Nevada: Twenty-seven vehicles slammed into each other during a sandstorm on Interstate 80 in rural northern Nevada on Monday evening, killing a truck driver and seriously injuring several people, officials said.

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