Parliament vote in Greece could bring back crisis over euro

Published Dec. 29, 2014


Parliament vote could bring back crisis over euro

The long-dormant euro crisis could come roaring back to life today with a vote in the Greek Parliament that is expected to bring down the pro-austerity government and open the way for a radical leftist party to take power for the first time in the history of the European Union. The expected collapse of the government comes just as the country's economy had begun to stabilize. Now, with the far-left Syriza Party forecast to win the elections that would follow at the end of January, all bets are off. The party has vowed to halt payment on Greece's debt until the terms of the country's $284 billion bailout agreements can be renegotiated, and says it will thumb its nose at international lenders by ramping up public spending.

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'Interview' movie pulls in $2.9M at box office

The Interview, the comedy movie that generated worldwide headlines in recent weeks after a related terror threat to theaters and the hacking of Sony Pictures, took in $2.9 million from the 331 theaters that ended up playing it during the Christmas weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday. Sony said it was pleased by that total, but some analysts noted that even PK, an obscure Hindi film, managed $2.8 million from 264 theaters. The Interview also earned $15 million from online rentals and purchases through Saturday.


Palestinians pushing for vote on withdrawal

The Palestinians are pressing for a U.N. Security Council vote this week on a resolution that would call for an end to Israel's occupation within three years. A resolution with such a timetable is almost certain to be rejected by the Security Council — either by a failure to get the minimum nine "yes" votes required or by a veto from the United States, Israel's closest ally which insists there must be a negotiated solution to the conflict. Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said a draft resolution would be submitted to the Security Council today. A vote could be set for Tuesday.


Castle Hills, Texas: Five people died Sunday after a fire broke out at a senior-living apartment building in the San Antonio suburb of Castle Hills, authorities said. Ten other residents of the Wedgwood Apartments remained hospitalized, and others were unaccounted for Sunday evening, authorities said.

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