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The skinny: In this corner, a knockout for taxpayers

Published May 6, 2014

A new champion

In this corner, a knockout for taxpayers

That trip to Vegas was a bad idea. Argentina's tax agency says 17 people who claim to be too poor to fly off to see title boxing matches in places like Sin City are going to have to pay for their, eh, sins. The agency released a statement Monday titled "A Knockout for Taxpayers." It said it is investigating people who claimed to have small incomes while paying up to $7,500 each to travel to Nevada to watch Saturday's fight between world welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Argentine boxer Marcos Maidana. (Mayweather won, by the way.) The agency says those 17 people have since been removed from a list of low-income Argentines and must pay taxes consistent with their large expenses. It says one person also has a $150,000 Porsche. The agency says it will now enforce stricter controls on Argentines attending sporting events abroad, including the soccer World Cup in Brazil that kicks off on June 12.

Grandma gets an F

Boy, 7, found at school with drugs

A 56-year-old grandmother is facing charges after her 7-year-old grandson reportedly brought her heroin stash into his first-grade classroom in the Philadelphia suburb of Thorndale. According to CBS Philly, Pauline Bilinski-Munion of Chester County was arrested by police after the drug turned up on Friday. Authorities say she is a known drug user and left bags of heroin out when she was watching her grandchildren, the TV station reported. A teacher found nine bags of heroin stamped "Victoria Secret" in the boy's pants pocket. He eventually admitted that he found the drugs on the floor by the washing machine in Bilinski-Munion's home.

Watch out for holes

Not the kind of day he had planned

When having a bad day, consider this Taiwanese motorcyclist. It could be worse. The cyclist crashes into a car. Then he falls onto the ground. Then he disappears into a deep, coned-off pothole in the center of the road, according to the London Telegraph, which reports that the bad-luck scene was captured on a dashboard camera video. Fortunately, the cyclist was able to walk away. The newspaper says he sustained some minor cuts and bruises.

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