Woman dies while trapped in elevator

Published Mar. 8, 2016

Death sparks outrage

Woman dies while trapped in elevator

Maintenance men returning to work after a monthlong break for Chinese New Year made a horrific discovery last week when they opened a broken elevator and found the body of a woman who had been trapped inside since late January and starved to death.

The gruesome incident in the western city of Xian has sparked outrage over the apparent negligence of the elevator repair company and the building's management office.

The property managers told the Beijing Youth Daily that the elevator cab was returned to the first floor and taken out of service after workers had "confirmed" that no one was inside. But police said workers shouted to check whether anyone was inside and did not open the cab to perform a visual inspection, the newsmagazine Caixin reported.

Authorities said at least one person has been detained, according to the magazine.

The victim, believed to be in her late 30s or early 40s, was identified only by her surname, Wu. Investigators said that when her corpse was found, her hands were mangled — apparently from her attempts to pry open the cab doors.

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