Redesign and Our New Commenting Platform

Today, we are launching our redesigned Tampa Bay Times website. It excites us. We hope it excites you, too.
Published November 27 2018
Updated November 27 2018

Today, we are launching our redesigned Tampa Bay Times website.  It excites us. We hope it excites you, too.

The operative word is "easier.” Our streamlined navigation and search bar will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. It's now faster and easier to load stories on any device.  And our enhanced commenting platform makes it easier to interact and engage with our journalism, with our journalists, and with other readers.

We've made improvements in an effort to bring more civility to the commenting forums. Readers can like" comments, filter out the noise and bring to the surface posted comments deemed most respected by fellow commenters. The new platform "Talk" powered by the Coral Project uses Artificial Intelligence to block profane and toxic language. Readers can receive notifications when one of our journalists interacts with them, get alerts when new comments arrive and share discussions with friends or social networks. We plan to pop into the comments from time to time and to pose questions -- and to answer some of yours.

We hope these changes will lead to more constructive dialogue in our commenting threads. We may not open comments on every story, or for prolonged periods. We plan to experiment to find a balance that allows us to moderate discussions and engage with you while creating a healthy environment to interact.

Other features on our redesigned site will roll out soon.  Please don't hesitate to let us know about any bugs you've spotted by clicking the feedback button located on every page of the site. We will try to fix any bugs you report as quickly as we can. You can also take a quick survey here with a chance to earn $200.  We value your input.

-- Mark Katches, executive editor