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NFL Draft Q&A: Bucknell tackle Julien Davenport

Published Mar. 31, 2017

Our NFL Draft Q&A series continues with Bucknell offensive tackle Julien Davenport, who hopes to be the next small-school offensive lineman to make the leap to the NFL, much like Bucs guard Ali Marpet did two years ago from Division III Hobart College. Davenport has had extensive interaction with the Bucs in the draft process and took a few minutes to talk about his pro day last week and the upcoming draft.

Q: First, tell me how your pro day went last week at Bucknell.

A: "It was real good. Benched again, jumped again, went through the drills and had some players participating from my school as well. It was a real good day. I didn't run or do shuttles again, but everything else went really well."

Q: Where did you work out for your training leading up to pro day and combine?

A: "I was in Atlanta, at GATA training facility. Definitely a great experience getting me ready for the next level, doing position-specific training, with great nutrition and a good strength coach and o-line coach (former Falcons lineman Todd Weiner) teaching me."

Q: Were there specific things you went into the spring wanting to improve on before you were getting tested for the draft?

A: "I don't leave any stone unturned. I'm focused on every little aspect of my game. I improved on some of my technique issues and I still have to improve on that, some consistency things I have to work on. I'm going to focus heavily on that."

Q: You played left tackle in college, have good size (6-7, 318) and long arms as well. Is there a consensus for where teams see you on an NFL offensive line?

A: "Most teams have been working me out as a left tackle. Some teams have worked me out at both, to see if I have that ability to be a swing tackle. I feel I'm athletic enough to do it. I've been working on it throughout my offseason. Just because I haven't played right in my life, I feel I'm comfortable enough and athletic enough to easily make the switch to the other side."

Q: When you watch NFL games, are there offensive tackles you like to watch and learn from?

A: "Definitely, when I'm watching football, regardless, I'm always honed in on the tackle position and critiquing what's going on, seeing if I can take anything and add it to my game. Two tackles I really admire are Trent Williams and Tyron (Smith). Two of the best in the game. I really enjoy watching them, as well as pretty much any tackle in the league -- Joe Thomas as well, who may be one of the best in the league right now, (Andrew) Whitworth and tackles all over."

Q: Who would you say is the toughest guy you went up against while in college?

A: "My first college game in my career, my freshman year, first game we played a guy who is in the NFL now. He was a senior, I was a freshman. I handled him pretty well, even though he was an NFL prospect. Terrence Fede (from Marist) -- he's with Miami now."

Q: When you were at Bucknell, did you ever meet Greg Schiano? He's probably the Bucknell grad folks down here know best.

A: "His son (Joe) goes to our school as well. He's been around and I saw him even before his son came to our school. When we were recruiting him, they came up to some spring practices and I talked to him there, and after games he's been around so I've talked to him there as well."

Q: Are there NFL teams you've had the most contact with so far in this process?

A: "I've had a lot of contact definitely with the Buccaneers. The 49ers I've had a lot of contact with, interviews, workouts so far. Giants have shown a lot of interest, and a lot want to see my abilities and everything that's going on with me. I wasn't on TV every weekend playing football on national television."

Q: You got to spend time with Bucs offensive line coach George Warhop before your pro day?

A: "He came last week, and we went to dinner Tuesday night, then Wednesday morning we had a workout and we did some board work as well. He taught me a little of the offense to see how well I retained information and could spit that information he gave me back out to him. He's a real good coach and a good dude in general. We had a good time in general, talking about life and everything going on. We didn't talk too much about football."

Q: Having gone through this, do you have realistic expectations for where you might go in the draft?

A: "It's a long process. I've just been attacking it each day and getting through it, wanting to improve on everything I can. I'm ready to see where I'll be. I don't have any preference. I just would like to play football professionally."

Q: One of the questions we ask is food recommendations. If I'm back at Bucknell, is there a favorite place to eat for you?

A: "We just got a new Caribbean spot, Caribbean Connection, this past year, right around Bucknell on Market Street in (Lewisburg, PA). Long street with a lot of shops. I've been there twice and I really liked the food there. In town, that might be my favorite place right now. I always get the oxtail."

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