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NH Republicans want to see more passion from Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush talks often about how Republican need to campaign with joy if they want to win. Maybe so, but in New Hampshire this week we heard Republicans over and over again say that what Jeb really needs is a more fire in the belly. We don't want to make too much of random anecdotes, but it was striking how consistent the assessments of Bush were that heard from Granite State GOPers.

"I've really got to see more enthusiasm from him. I just don't know that he's got his heart in it yet. Maybe he will, but it doesn't feel like he's that interested in running," said Diane Loomis, a bookkeeper in Hancock. "Maybe he feels like anointed."

"He is so intelligent, but I want to shake him and tell him, 'How about some strength, some emoting,' said Judith Wilkins of Greenville, who is more interested in Marco Rubio and John Kasich than Bush.

Betty Lathrop of Peterborogh also sees much more to like in Rubio, Kasich and Carly Fiorina than Bush: "I believe he is presidential, and he would do a good job but I've been a little disappointed in him so far. He just shows no energy or passion."

Joy, shmoy. Instead, maybe Jeb just needs to skip the decaf.