No 'Scooby-Doo van' for Jeb Bush but he plans to 'campaign amongst people'

Published April 21, 2015

Jeb Bush scoffed at Hillary Clinton's "contrived" effort to connect with voters.

"A Scooby-Doo van? No, probably won't do that," Bush told radio host Michael Medved on Tuesday afternoon. "But I will connect with people. I'll be open. I'll be vulnerable. I'll campaign amongst people." He cited his experience last week in New Hampshire where he gave remarks then took questions.

Medved asked Bush if he drives (something Clinton has not done in a long time). "I do. I got a Ford Focus - a pretty cool car." Bush meant to say he has a Ford Fusion hybrid.

Bush also said he would undo President Obama's executive action on immigration.

"The DACA and DAPA? Yes I would," he said. "It's possible that by the time the next president arrives the courts will have overturned those because this concept of prosecutorial discretion, which is what he's used as the basis for these executive orders, is to look at cases on a case-by-case basis and he's had millions of people basically by the stroke of a pen be given temporary status. I think the better answer is to fix the immigration problem, to solve it the regular order way, which is to go to Congress, have a proposal, work on a bipartisan fashion to fix a broken immigration system."

Asked what Obama has done right, Bush cited his continuation of the NSA data collection program.