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Nobody knows Lyle Lovett? Maybe not in the '80s

Ah Lyle Lovett. The man many remember as Julia Robert's first husband is a special musician that most of us missed in the '80s. With his second appearance on Lost and Found, let's correct Lyle Lovett's assertion that Nobody Knows Me.

In 1989, Lovett did achieve a gold record with his album Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, he never once hit the pop singles chart and while some songs of his hit the country singles chart, Nobody Know Me only peaked at No. 84. The beautiful song is a haunting video and captures Lovett in his '80s big hair glory as he laments nobody knows him like his love of his life who presumably is gone now.

Texan Lovett logged six gold albums in the '80 and '90s before the music industry bellied up. Even though he hasn't released an album since 2012, Lovett is a constant draw in concert and is performing all over America this fall.

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